From May-June 2016 we held a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for our big remodel during the fall of 2016.  Thanks to the many supporters listed below - it was a huge success!

Platinum Star Supporters - $500+

Matt & Kari Johnson

The Herring Family

Seyboldt Construction, LLC & Seyboldt Family

The Koh Family

Gold Star Supporters - $275+

The Canfield Family

Marie Singleton

Thacker-Cope Family

Courtney Roberts

Hannah Green

Silver Star Supporters - $200+

Denise & Sean Lynch

The Lewno Family

Rebecca Hurley & Family

Jessica & Kelly

Elizabeth, William, and Isobel Wallace

Megan Fain

Eric and Maureen Huyler

Vertesia Payne

Bronze Star Supporters - $100+

Ridgetop Window Cleaning

Katherine Shaffer

J. Atlas Sidelinker

Stephenson Family

Tim & Nicole Brown

McConahay Family

Rick & Raenia Ferns

Ken & Heather Louk

The Smith Family

Miller & O'Leary Family


Melissa Stephens

Julie Mandery

Melissa Keberlein

The Miller Family

The Flesher Family

The Walkers

The Farmers

The Mackie Family

The Boardwine

The Derry's

The Cushing Family

The Ducharme Family

The Scholten Family

Wesley Ferns

Monika Majka-Helms

The Alonso Family

The Robinson Kids

Amberrose Cone

Friends of Ahoy kitsap Playland - $5+

The Green Family (Kingston, WA)

The Kuhns Family

Jannathan Koh

Michelle Blackmon

The Yeager Family

The Gist Family

Cheryl Blowers

Robert Koh

Sparrow Portraits

Jamey Borell

Regina Forbes

Johannes Duplessis

The Pruitt Family, Montgomery, TX

Ray K

L. Clair Samuel

Glenn David

The Barzac Family

Mathew & Monica Roy


Ashley Glover


The Derie Family

The Link Family

Randy & Tracie Flicker

The Castro Family

Traci & Daren

The Gomez Family

The Schryver Family

Alise Fulton

The Knutson Family

Katie Cooley

Angie Tonkin

Amy & Justin Shears

Kim Peacher

Theresa Musgrove

Hilleri Fullerton

Christine Wagner

The Davis Family

The Effinger Family

The Tomada Family

Clan Trevino

The Walker's

Tanya Barnhill

Kris & Craig Brooks

Henrietta Yabeny

Antoinette Yabeny

Brandon, Kellie, Cooper & Ellie Greenhill

Phil Kight

Jennifer Keogh

Chevelle & Trusten Klauda

The Leslie Family

Adam Ferns

Adrienne Lee

Jen Eldred

Zurina Pierce

Megan Baldwin

Helengrace, Jericho, & Adio Alano

Brandi Kimbrough 

Lisa Madson

The Lacombe's

The Hosford Family

The Brinkman Family

The Sylva Family

Lauren Sontag & Armando Garcia

Lee-Ann & Jeremy Hill

Jennifer McLinko

Mr. & Mrs. Rude

The Hunnell Family



The McDubs

Jessica Due

Holli Herrera

The Asmussen's

Roy & Nettie Trevino


Phil Holder

The Taylor Family


The Chilson Family

Mike Melton

Nicoya Sicat

The Mooney Family

Jeri Campbell

The Buschagen Family


The Myers Family

Destiny Dela Cruz

The Galbraith Family

Nicole Comeau

Katie Nielsen

Peggy Quinlan

Hilary Diez


Riley McNally

Taylor West

Leonard Levine

Kate Killigrew

Rachel Koping

Briana Perry

Penny & Oliver Jameson

Hague Family

Lindsey Jackson

Kristin DeMoss

Sarah Welsh

Kassandra Dawn Chase



Jeffery Orr

Ashley Larson

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5934 State Highway 303 NE, Bremerton, WA - 360-479-7529

Located across from Outback Steakhouse, just behind United Rentals

We are no longer accepting any Play Kitsap Stamp Cards.