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Virtual Reality Arcade

Now Open for Virtual Adventures!

summer Hours

Monday - Friday: 11:30-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Gaming Prices


1 Hour - $30


Just Game Time:

30 Minutes - $20

15 Minutes - $15

5 Minute Experience - $5


Arcade Take Over 

5 Gamers for 1 Hour - $125

Reserve your game time!


Check out our 40+

Game Library!

Single Player, PvP, Co-op, Multi-Player Games & More!

Check them out HERE.


VR Birthday Parties

Be the Hero of your child's birthday with an epic party! Starting at $250  ~ Book Now!


Arcade Takeover

Game night has leveled up! Take over all 5 gaming stations and battle your friends for an hour for $125 ~ Reserve Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Oculus at home, why should I pay for my child to play?

Reason #1: SafetyVR gaming from social platforms opens the door to interactions with strangers, adult language and/or content that you may not want your child to have access to. All our gaming stations are on closed platforms so your child or teen only interacts with their game and their friends and family members who are also playing at the same time inside the arcade. Arcade staff will also pull younger kids out of games that are not age appropriate (i.e. a 7 year old that wants to play a game rated for 10+) unless the game is approved by a parent.

Reason #2: Family Fun. Your entire family can play the same game at the same time, together (up to 5 people). It's time to re-imagine family game night on a whole new level - put down the cards and put on your VR headset! Has your child been acting too cool to hang out with you? Bring them to the arcade and shoot trolls & ogres together in epic battles in Elvin Assassin or battle your burger making skills in Clash of Chefs. 

Reason #3: Vive Pro. Most families own mass produced VR sets that are designed and priced for mass market VR gaming. Our VR equipment is commercial arcade quality that has a much higher picture resolution, wider peripheral (emersive) vision, and better room tracking than most VR gaming systems found in homes. 

How many games do you have?

We currently have over 50 games and are adding new games monthly.  Check our game list frequently to see what's new!

What ages can play?

Children 7+, teens and adults. Adults may only play if they also have children (ages 0-17) on site and second adult is available to supervise any young children (6 and under) that are playing on the playground.  Children (10+) and teens may play without an adult present if at least one player is 15 or older.

Can more than one player split a time package?

Yes, we will let 2 players split a 30 minute session or up to 4 players split a 1 hour session.  

How many players can play at the same time?

We will have 5 units so 5 people can play at the same time.  Great PvP and multiplayer games include: Creed, Loco Dojo, Cowbots and Aliens, Elven Assassin, ABC Paint and more!

Are adult games available?

We have several games that are geared for teens and adults, including escape rooms, haunted houses and more.  

Why is there a separate waiver for VR?

Virtual Reality has different kinds of risks associated with playing vs. our large play area and we want to make sure players and parents are aware of them.

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