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Now you can reserve up to 5 players to ensure you and friends can play together!

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Gaming Prices

Children (7-12)* 

1 Hour - $25

30 minutes - $20

15 minutes - $10

Walk the Plank - $5

Adults (13+) 

1 Hour - $30

30 minutes - $25

15 minutes - $15

Walk the Plank - $5


How many games do you have?

We currently have over 40 games and are adding new games monthly.  Check our game list frequently to see what's new!

What ages can play?

Children 7+, teens and adults. Adults may only play if they also have children (ages 0-17) on site and second adult is available to supervise any young children (6 and under) that are playing on the playground.  Children (10+) and teens may play without an adult present if at least one player is 15 or older.

Can I buy one hour and split it between two players for 30 minutes each?


How many players can play at the same time?

We will have 5 units so 5 people can play at the same time.  Great PvP and multiplayer games include: Creed, Loco Dojo, Cowbots and Aliens, Knight Foodfight, Elven Assasin, ABC Paint and more!

Why are adult prices higher than children's prices?

Children (7-12) are required to also pay for admission so we have discounted their VR rates.

Are adult games like Arizona Sunshine available?

We have several games that are geared for teens and adults, including Arizona Sunshine, escape rooms, haunted houses and more.  We restrict these games from VR booths when younger children are playing so they are unable to select them.

Why is there a separate waiver for VR?

Virtual Reality has different kinds of risks associated with playing than our large play area and we want to make sure players and parents are aware of them.

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