Memberships & Punch Cards 



Ahoy Kitsap Playland memberships are a great deal for families looking for a way to visit often and save.  Get unlimited play all month long for a small monthly fee.  Members get their registration fees back as a $50 credit towards any birthday party package and save 10% at our Virtual Reality Arcade.

Membership Prices

Registration Fee: $50

Children ages 12-23 months: $25/month

Children ages 2-12 years old: $35/month, siblings $30/month

Cancellation Policy:  

All cancellations require 30 days notice before next scheduled payment.


PuncH Cards

Punch cards make great gifts and are a great way to save on multiple visits!  A 5 admission punch card is $55 and 10 admission punch card is $100 for children 2 and older.  

Summer Fun Card 2021.png
10 punch card 2021 back.png
10 punch card 2021.png

All Ahoy Kitsap Playland Punch Cards expire one year after purchase.  


We  are no longer accepting Play Kitsap Punch Cards.